A Facebook business page is completely different from an ordinary page. If you want to reach the heights of success, you must know how to attract potential customers. To attract customers you need to create a strong Facebook fanpage to engage them. Not only this, you must also engage Facebook fans in a variety of activities such as group discussions, video conferencing, product evaluation, etc. The following are some of the ways to engage your Facebook fans.

1. Create a visually appealing page – This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to attract fans to your site. There are many design tools that will help you bring magic to your site. Some of the Facebook page builder tools like Pagemodo can be used to create stunning designs and amazing visuals. In addition to custom tabs, you can also add stylish and eye-catching welcome tabs to attract fans. You can also add interesting videos, games, apps, and much more to make your site livelier than before.

2. Update your page regularly – Most of the people who start a Facebook fanpage fail to attract customers because they do not update their page regularly. No one will be interested in viewing outdated things as it will be boring and dull. If you update your page with interesting information, thousands of people will visit your site and also comment on your blogs. This will help you form a strong relationship with your Facebook fans.

3. Interact regularly with your fans –Interacting with fans is one the most important things that you must never forget. If you fail to do so, the fans will be disappointed and they might even stop visiting your site. If someone posts a comment on your wall, thank them for visiting your page. In fact, you can also visit their page and comment on their blogs. You can also take part in discussions and engage in other activities such as event planning, contests organization, etc. In addition to this, you can directly interact with your fans and get a clear opinion about your business products and services.

4. Make a Happy Statement – Most bloggers often fail to make a happy statement. Your page should create a happy feeling for those who visit your site. Do not keep posting things that relate to death, anger, violence, and other disturbing things. Always post blogs that will leave a long lasting impression on your fans. This is one of the secrets to gain more Facebook likes.

5. Post links about various users – Posting links to other people’s articles will help you form new friends. This will create a good impression about you and it will also help you gain potential clients. You can also post blogs of other users on your wall and publicize them. The above-mentioned are some of the ways to engage Facebook fans.

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