There is no doubt that Facebook is becoming increasingly popular every day. This is evident from the number of Facebook fans that is growing day by day. Moreover, Facebook is continuously making updates to its features to make it more appealing to its members. Because of this, people of all ages from all over the world are becoming very addicted to Facebook.
facebook addiction

Why Addiction is Dangerous?

Facebook addiction has resulted in Facebook fans facing a lot of problems. The severities of the problems vary according to the intensity of addiction. For example, students spend long hours on Facebook and avoid doing their homework and studies. This can result in them performing poorly in examinations and experiencing a dip in grades. Adults tend to get late for work and meetings. Both adults and children forget the art of meeting people around them. These are just a few reasons why addiction can cause more harm and dangerous. Also, people who are addicted tend to try to increase their online popularity by checking out various websites to buy Facebook fans. Some of them also spend a lot of money for this to compete with their friends to have more fans than their friends. There are also who prefer to buy Facebook likes instead of fans. This can also result in unnecessarily parting with your hard earned money.

How to Overcome :

There are many ways that members on Facebook can overcome their addiction from Facebook. Resist the urge to try and get Facebook fans by buying them. Be happy with your existing Friends list. The first and foremost way to overcome Facebook addiction is to set a timeline. Once the timeline has been set, it is very important for highly addicted Facebook fans to stick to it. Remember to log out of your Facebook account as soon as the stipulated time is over. Following this regularly can help you overcome your addiction to Facebook. Another way to keep yourself less hooked on to Facebook is to think of some other interesting ways to keep your mind occupied. For example if you love writing, use the time spent on your Facebook account to write a new blog. You can also think of posting a new interesting video on YouTube. Thirdly, resist the urge to comment on others’ statuses, pictures or other photographs you have been tagged in. Do not keep updating your own status very often.

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A fourth way for members to free themselves from Facebook addiction is to use Facebook for more meaningful purposes than mere likes, posts and pokes. For example, students addicted to Facebook can use the Documents app on Facebook to do their homework and share it with their friends. The fifth possible way for Facebook fans to become less addicted to Facebook is to turn off email alerts. These alerts can actually contribute to making you want to spend more and more time on Facebook. Similarly, resist the urge to activate Facebook on your mobile phone. Yet another interesting way to overcome Facebook addiction is to restrict the automatic updates you receive. Finally if all these do not work and you are not able to overcome your addiction, take that step and delete your Facebook account.
The above is just a list of some of the many tips that you can follow to overcome your addiction for Facebook. There are many other tips on the Internet that can help you in this regard.

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