Facebook has become a great means of connecting with people from across the world. Facebook fans are getting hooked to Facebook more and more with each passing day, on other hand, people are there who buy targeted Canadian facebook fans or targeted Australian facebook fans to get popularity in their location. Businesses are also looking at Facebook as one of the key ways to promote themselves worldwide.

Art of Status Posts to Get More Facebook Likes

Status Posts:

One of the most widely used features on Facebook by most fans is the status post feature. You can post status updates on your wall that can be viewed by your friends. The right kind of posts can help you to get Fb fans in more numbers than you can imagine. Businesses and individuals can put up any number of status posts on their fan and profile pages in a day. The kind of status posts that you put up on your wall can in turn to help to buy Facebook likes in large numbers thereby enhancing your popularity on the virtual network.

Increasing Your Facebook Likes:

It is very important to make the status posts that you update on your wall interesting to those who read it. Only if this happens, you will be able to increase the number of Facebook fans for your business. Also, the type of content you post on the wall must not always be of the same type. Post different kinds of content that make people want to keep coming to your Facebook page. Keeping this point in mind can be really helpful if you want more people to like your statuses or decide to buy Facebook fans.

Make use of videos and pictures in addition to using just text on your wall. Too much of text can make your wall posts appear dull, boring and lifeless to Facebook likes. This can dissuade them from visiting your Facebook page over and over again which in turn can reduce the number of likes you get. Using status posts to have interactive sessions with your fans can boost the number of likes that you get. Apply the @ symbol with the name of your fan page in a status update if you want it to get tagged. When you do this, a link appears over the name of your fan page when you move your cursor on it and a small box appears with the name of your page and a Like button. This can make getting more Facebook likes for your page easier because people who want to do so need not explicitly visit your page to like it.

Encourage your fans to get conversations started rather than being the conversation opener yourself all the time. Make liberal use of the Share feature provided by Facebook. This feature allows Facebook fans to share interesting wall posts on their friends’ walls to their own wall. Your friends and fans on Facebook who have not seen these posts get an opportunity to see them and like them. Avoid posting status updates like what is disturbing you at work or about your regular day to day activities. These are often not interesting to others and may not help you to increase the number of likes for your status posts.


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